Workshops for Film photographers

We learned photography on film and became professionals on digital cameras, but we always felt that something was missing from our work, that it just wasn't matching our vision. We decided to go back to film a few years ago, and once again became 100% film wedding photographers when we realized that our choice of medium had been the missing piece all along.

We quickly realized that people wanting to shoot film have a lot of questions, and despite the amount of workshops being offered, the questions remain.

We wanted to change that!

Do you sometimes feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated trying to shoot film? Do you love film desperately, but are too scared to really commit for fear that something won't come out right and your client's photos will be ruined?

We help photographers who want to shoot both film and digital or photographers who want to go to all film learn how to shoot in any light and understand the ins and outs of shooting film and ditch the fear so they can make the best photographs of their life. We lead workshops for photographers interested in or already shooting film along with one-on-one mentoring sessions any time you want them.

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